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Let's find & maximize your strengths & talents for prosperous life

Personal  &  Confidential

 Affordable  -  $29 per session

My strength is being a “Catalyst.” I can bring Energizing Connection between You & Your Goals, using your own Strengths and Talents. You need to be over the age of 18 years old to contact me.

  • So many people are not aware of their strengths.  
  • So many people don't know how to maximize their strengths either.  
  • So many people are looking for what I am offering, but they don't know exists.    Please share!

- I believe with all my heart, after you talk to me once, you will be so excited, you will not sleep well that  night - I meant it.  You will realize that your goals and dreams are there waiting for you.


 - My coaching doesn't require much time on the phone.

 - low cost.  I will not waist your time or your money.


 - You and I will communicate according to your pace.    

-  My consulting will be specifically customized to your strengths and talents. 

    - If you ever feel uncomfortable or not enjoying the process, you let me know and we either fix it or discontinue the process.  

No matter what everyone else told you - school counselor, parents, relatives, friend or co-worker, you will be moving forward with your strengths and talents that you were born with.  And I will be by your side guiding and coaching you along the way.

Remember...  "The Past Doesn't Equal The Future."

Your work with me is going to be a strictly Result Oriented.  No BS! 


Your strengths are ready and waiting to get ignited to move you forward in the best direction.

They are going to do wonders for you, and I know and capable to help you put them to work.

You may say...  I am doing good.  

I say... "GOOD is GOOD...  BEST is BETTER."  

You deserve the best of what your strengths and talents can add to your life once yoi start working them. 

Let me help you bring the best out of you.  

Let me help you increase your income.  

Let me help you live a more prosperous life.  

Money is not everything in life... but money makes everything in life easier.

Do not hesitate,  text me @ 864.918.6743 to schedule you session.  It’s only $29   

Time is a precious commodity and every day goes by we have less time left for us to reacch our goals.

Average life span is 27375 days - 75 years.   


My help is available to everyone regardless of age - as long you are over 18 years old.  

You maybe in your 20's, 50's or 70's...  It doesn't matter.  

We all are looking forward for a better future - I hope you are! 

I, myself just turn 65 years young,  and I am  planning to continue maximizing and monetizing my strengths and talents to live my Best Life for the rest of my life.  I hope you want to do the same.     

For the last 34 years, as a Doctor of Chiropractic I helped thousands of people with their Neck & Back Pain. 

At the same time, I was very passionate about studying people strengths and talents and how to help them maximize them for a better income.  I have read over 700 books and books summaries.  

One of the books that lead me to discover my own personal strengths was "Strengths Finder 2.0" by Tom Rath.  I recommend this book highly. 

Let me share with you my top  strength....  It will help you realize why I am very  passionate and qualified to help you find, maximize and monetize your strengths and talents.  



There is another FREE online assessment that you can access www.HowToFascinate.com    

It will give you exactly how people see your strengths and abilities - a primary and a secondary.   

For example my primary is (PASSION) and my secondary is (INNOVATION) and when I put the two together it brings my talent out to be as a  "CATALYST."    

With this talent (CATALYST) and my strength as a MAXIMIZER I can mentor you to Maximize & Monetize your Talents and Strengths.  

I encourage you to join me on this journey to simply "Get The 

Most Out Of Your Life."      

GO FOR IT......

Text me on 864.918.6743 to schedule your appointment.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Take Care.

Dr. Haney Armaly

 Strengths Coach

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